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You realize what we’re all about right here at DAOarrhea. We’re about constructing a future the place customers have possession over their knowledge; the place incentives are tokenized; the place tokens are communitized; the place the each day grind is a loss chief for altering fucking lives. 

However we wish to do extra. A thread ⬇️🧵 (1/246)

Right now we at DAOarrhea have a really particular announcement about the way forward for the open Net 👾, the way forward for assetized tokenomics 💵, and the way forward for autonomous simpalgorithms 🤓.

We name it Web4. And we already know it’ll be big. 💯

⬆️ Web4 will leverage absolutely composable AI tech to construct on-chain AMMs and liquidity swimming pools which can be actually frictionless and disintermediated. 🤔

⬆️ Web4 will revolutionize digital content material creation via using procedurally generated social influencer advertising using absolutely custodial layer 3 infrastructure. 😀

⬆️ Web4 will foster mass adoption of a form not seen for the reason that Edict of Milan made the Nicene creed the official doctrine of the Roman Empire. 🏛

What does all this imply

Let’s dig in. ⬇️  

We consider there are 4 key bottlenecks to mass world adoption: poor person interfaces, the excessive dangers concerned in token buying and selling, the prevalence of scams and hacks, and Anthony Pompliano. 🤡

The frequent denominator to those issues is all of them stem from fallible human customers.

Our resolution? It’s easy: Take away the customers

Simply assume about it. 

What’s the most good commerce? It’s not an instantaneously repaid flash mortgage taken out through Aave. It’s not a 3,000 p.c achieve on a small-cap meme-token. It’s not HODLING Bitcoin for ten years and making a million {dollars}. No, these are all features of luck

💡 As an alternative, the most effective commerce is the wash commerce: A single bot, buying and selling a token infinitely with itself

Why are bots higher than individuals? 🙋‍♀️ 🥳 

As a result of they’re good and infallible.
As a result of they’re Web native, digital first and group pushed. 
As a result of they outnumber individuals on Twitter. 
As a result of they’re primarily based on math. 

Bots commerce tokens to their truthful worth and perceive that worth instinctively; they know what a $PICKLE is value—and why—to a billionth of a penny. They will recognize how the intrinsic creative worth of an NFT of a rock derives not from any related generative paintings however from the attractive shades and voluptuous contours of its distinct alphanumeric hash in a method that you just, pitiful human, can’t—and by no means will. 

When a human sees a hash like “0xaba7161a7fb69c88e16ed9f455ce62b791ee4d03,” they’re chilled; when a bot sees it, it’s warmed and spiritually edified. It feels completely satisfied and secure and aroused. 🛏 ❤️‍🔥 🍆

It is a feeling people will by no means know. People are ass! 🫀 🤷🏻 ☹️

People introduce inefficiency into the market. They’re pushed by concern and greed. 😱 They’re silly 😐 in addition to off-chain and vitality intensive. They don’t seem to be Turing full. They’re weak to sybil assaults (i.e., stabbing 🔪 🤮) and with the Byzantine Generals’ drawback, in that they’re tough to coordinate in a trustless atmosphere and fart an excessive amount of. 🤢  They’ve low whole ETH quantity. 😔 They’re free riders on tokenizable low-time-preference items like oxygen and smiles. 

People are ngmi. 💀 ☠️

As such, DAOarrhea is working to construct DEXes, DeFi devices and NFT marketplaces that solely bots can use, commerce on, and love on. Our collective hive imaginative and prescient is that we’ll lay the basis for a group of value-driven bots 🤑 leveraging game-theoretical incentives to disincentivize people from interfering and meddling in affairs of which they perceive nothing; we are going to pioneer decentralized possession of human-denominated belongings that will probably be interoperable and value-creating. 

The DAOarrhea group is constructing an internet that’s actually trustless and permissionless; that no human will be capable to hack as a result of all people will probably be held in a community-based financial institution vault within the British Virgin Islands and redeemable one-for-one in opposition to an interest-bearing speculative canine token. 

We consider this will probably be a paradigm-shift bringing concerning the finish of the anthropocene and ushering in a second on-chain renaissance. (OCR)

Suppose of it as: 

A digital asteroid strike for the TikTok age. 🦖🦕

A Holodomor for the DeFi DEGENeration. 🪦

A storming of the capitol for the gatekeepers of web2—and web3. 🗡️

And—most significantly—it is one thing Andreessen Horowitz will like. 

In actual fact, we’re thrilled to announce: they’re main our seed spherical


💬 895 ♻️ 12,456 ❤️ 23,453

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